Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Monday, October 15, 2012


October 15, 2012
"Wait...Santa Claus lives is...Finland?!"
Hey there everyone! :)

It's been a crazy week, and a slightly crazier morning as we were in
the police station talking to the police about my move from Marks to
here. Just me and the bars, folks! Heh...just kidding, they didn't
toss me in prison, but we did spend two hours there getting stuff
worked out so that legally I can be here in Orenburg. Good times! It
was pretty fun because the guy who interviewed me, spent a lot
more time just asking about the Church and what we taught rather than
the legalities of our service here. In the end he thought our Church
was spiffy and we invited him to come on Sunday!

Dang, conference sure was awesome, wasn't it? I think my favorite talk
was Elder Holland's on Sunday morning. That whole session was just
incredible but Elder Holland's talk just blew me away. This is the
first time on my mission that I've been able to legitimately watch all
of conference in English and really enjoy it. What's better is that
all of that is thanks to Elder Treter! The computer for years had been
missing a sound driver and a legitimate connection to the internet and
he fixed it super fast so we didn't have to watch conference in

Lots of other cool stuff happened this week too. We bought a new
winter coat, hat and gloves for Elder Treter at the bazaar and it was
a bit of nostalgia to the time when I bought my first coat, only this
time it was me and a member, bargaining for my companion's
coat as opposed to me buying one! Fun times were had.

Oooh, we also had a really awesome meeting with an investigator on
Monday. He has got 3 kids and wife and his main
interest in the Church is that we believe that families can be
together forever and that the way to that is temple sealing. He want
to get his family through the temple, so he's ready to hear our
lessons. And, to add to the coolness of it all, he was found by my MTC
teacher, Brother Milligan! Cool, right? He got lost for awhile in
moving and lost contact but now it's re-established and we have a
tentative baptismal date for the 3rd of November set. We'll see how it
all goes down :)

We also had a mini zone conference this past weekend, and it was
incredible. It's really hard to explain how awesome it was and it's
impact because that takes a lot of explaining the logistics of the
mission and how we've been working, but suffice it to say that I like
our new system of finding, teaching and baptizing people. It's a cool
little principle to really check the revelation that's given to other
people. The system works for conference, like on the announcement that
people can go on missions at ages 18 and 19 now. Sure it's a cool
thing, but you can really get a confirmation that that is the correct
direction for the Church to go, and the same thing works on a mission
and personal level too. I hope that makes sense. We can always check
with God to see if something is correct and get an answer from Him.

Time is about up, and now I know what a shawl is (thanks Mom!) and
I'll get to work on finding one! By the way, Mom if you could tell
my friend that I got her package and absolutely loved it, that'd be great.
She's the best :) I'll be writing her a letter today methinks, so she
can expect something a good letter in a few weeks or so. Thanks Mom!
You're the best :)

Oh, one more side note, Orenburg is 2 hours off of Moscow, so it it's
7:00 in Moscow it's 9:00 in Orenburg (not a fun time change to work
through on trains!)

Alright, for real now, gotta go. Thanks so much, and I love you lots!
Be good now!

With love
Elder Peterson

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