Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Monday, October 8, 2012


"Have you ever eaten corn flakes with a fork?" "No...why?" "You're about too!"
Hey there everybody!

Gosh, it's pretty wild being way out here in Orenburg. We live about a
30 minute drive away from the center of the city and are right by a
McDonalds. Actually, as it turns out, both the McDonalds in the city
are within our area so...we're well provided for!

My new companion is Elder Treter from Greendale Wisconsin. And, as it
turns out, he was President Barrett's home teacher for awhile. Go
figure, huh? He's a super smart cookie and pretty much rocks at
Russian, at lesst as much as you can rock coming straight out from the
MTC. For example, you remember the apartment situation I had in
Dachney where there wasn't a frying pan and the washing machine didn't
work out and there were just issues all over the place? This is almost
the exact situation, except with two crucial changes, I can speak
Russian now and we have a frying pan. Anyways, the tube under the sink
broke after the first use and in looking up the word tube (to be fair,
I don't use the work tube all that often) Elder Treter told me
straight up, without looking, what it was. I'm rather impressed with
his word bank and how quickly he's picking up words. Pretty dang cool!

It's fun to see how the Lord prepared me a little less than a year ago
for the problems that came this first week in opening a new area with
an apartment missing lots of things. We had no materials this week
either, other than a box of Book of Mormons, which is good enough, but
I remember just being super stressed out my third cycle in getting all
that stuff worked out rather than just rolling with it this time
around. I'm thankful that God has given me some experience and an
awesome companion to work with.

Orenburg is super pretty by the way. I'm bummed that all the trees
have already turned color and most of the elaves have fallen since I
think it would have been just as pretty as Marks had I come a week or
two earlier. The people here (at least the couple hundred we've run
into) are pretty dang nice, including a man who we met on the
trainride over here to Orenburg. He came to church too, and liked it!

Like Mom and Dad mentioned, Orenburg is indeed famous for it's shawls.
I'll look into those. What exactly is a shawl anyways? Guess I'll find

At Church this past Sunday we had 41 people, which is pretty dang
cool. Apparently 3 months ago there were about 15 active members there
in the branch (sound familiar?) but when a new senior couple came they
did some crazy awesome less active work along with the set of
missionaries baptizing 2 new members getting us to the point where
we're at now. I'll have to figure out what they did exactly and see if
we can apply it to other cities, because that'd be great to in a 3
month period do that much work in any branch. We'll keep it on the
uprise now that we're here in Orenburg north!

There were a few kinks I had to work out with the internet, so I'm
going to end here before anything else happens. Have a great week now,
ya hear? Thanks so much for everything. That's way exciting to hear
about the new age requirements for missionaries. It'll be really odd
to start seeing 18 year olds here in Russia. I bet that'll flood the
office with mission papers now since they just opened it up to so
many. Cool to hear! I see conference I think this weekend, so I'll
comment on it all next week too!

I love you lots. Thanks again for everything. Be good now, ya hear? :)

With love
Elder Peterson

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