Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Monday, March 19, 2012


March 12, 2012

Photo madness!

Hey there ya'll!

Well, I finally remembered to bring my camera, so I'll slap some photos on here to share! Good times!

The first one is the newest one taken today! Me and Elder Rekow went to the bazaar today at 3rd Dachney and bought new spiffy looking coats for the spring/fall seasons! They look way snazzy, and I'm not the biggest fan of the picture, but you'll get a better one surely in the future (had to rush to get e-mail and whatnot on time today).

The next 5 photos were taken at a Family Home Evening at Staus's apartment! The first one is of Yulia, Staus's daughter, the second one is Liza, my investigator from when I was first here who we can now meet with again! The third is a goofy picture of me and Elder Rekow, and the 4th one is Elder Rekow with Liza. And the last one is just a goofy picture of me!

The next photo is a picture of me with Elder Rounds at cultural night when we saw the Nutcracker! That thing was so dang fun!

The next one is a really pretty picture I took of the Kiev temple on my first visa trip. Hopefull I'll be able to go back there in a couple of months :)

And last, but not least is me and Elder Rekow at th most recent cultural night! Good times!

Hope that satiates some photo hunger :) My camera is slowly dying, so I'm not taking as many pictures as I used too. The package has not yet come, but we've got Zone Conference on Thursday, which means if it's come to the mission by now (or within a day or two) it'll be there for me at the Zone Conference. Here's to hoping! :)

It's be a pretty interesting week here in Zavodskoi! It started out with some of the strangest food I think I ever want to eat. We were at a members house, Antonina is her name, and she said that when the Sisters were serving there in Zavodskoi she'd always treat them to some watermelon! Me and Elder Rekow looked in gleeful awe as she brought out a big jar filled with watermelon slices and some kinda liquid. The Russians like to make their own juices by putting fruit and water in a jar and letting it sit for awhile, and me and Elder Rekow were super excited when we thought that it was some variety of watermelon juice! How sadly we'd forgotten that another, perhaps more popular, pastime of the Russians is to take any kind of vegtable or fruit and put it in a pickle-ing solution.

That's right folks, pickled watermelon! Good and good for ya, right? Ack! That stuff was awful! Can't honestly recommend it,but now I can say not only have I had pickled tomatoes, but pickled watermelon.

On another note, a this past week was the one year anniversary of me receiving my mission call! Crazy to think about. :)

This past week we had "International Women's Day" on the 8th of March! Many Russian's are very surprised that no such holiday exists in America (though we do have Mother's Day which, to my knowledge, ain't here)! We had a District activity where all the branches in Saratov gathered together had an activity at our branch building. Sasha Titorov, Elder Rekow and I, as a request from our branch, sang "As Sister in Zion" though changed all the words from "we" to "you". It was well liked at the activity :)

Can't think of too much else to add right now, been a pretty quiet week here! I do have a small request for you though Mom. My friend Elder Justin T Williams, who is serving in Uruguay,sent me a letter through his mom a coupel few months ago. I've been working on his letter and, as it turns out, there is a way through e-mail that you can reach him. If you could tell him that I got his letter and that I'm working on his reponse (I'll send it straight to him rather than work through you, Mom, I think) and that he's just plain awesome, that'd be great! :) He's an awesome guy and one of my best friends :) The e-mail is [...] . Put his name as the subject line and it'll get to him :) Feel free to add anything more lke something from my blog if you have the time/desire to do so :)

I love you all so very much. I don't think I said that enough before the mission, but I love you so much! Especially you Mom :) Ya'll have done so much for me in helping me and supporting me while I've been here in Russia (and heck, even before I came to Russia!) and it means quite a bunch to me:) Thank you again, and much love here from across the world!

Ya'll be good now, ya hear? :)


Elder Peterson

[The photos will be in another blog]

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