Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Monday, February 25, 2013


February 25, 2013
"Well, it's really called the Day of the Protectors of the Fatherland...but we call it Mens' Day!
Hey there everyone :)

Wow, it's pretty warm outside. Hitting above 0 C is making all the ice and snow melt and, just like at about this time last year, you can begin to see hints that indeed, this isn't just a land of ice and snow, but there is a thing called a sidewalk that lies under all that stuff! Weird, right? I approve though. I forget at what point last year all this stuff melted, but if it melts in the next few weeks or so I really wouldn't be all that surprised. It's been a super warm winter this year.

This week has been a cool one (isn't every week?). I'm not sure if I've told you or not, but one of our main investigators is actually not really an investigator at all. He's a former member of the church. I've taught excommunicated members before (and actually been a part of the process of having someone be excommunicated), but he is the most unique and happy story of them all. We had a really rock solid lesson with him on repentance this past week and I'm so impressed by his sincerity and honesty. He feels the Spirit again and he's working on quitting smoking and his main concern is in just being fully ready for baptism. You can feel the Spirit as he bears witness of the power of the Atonement and of the Love of God. I'm so grateful that he's working towards that. Not to mention he's just a cool guy! He makes a living in being a singer and he DJ'd our recent activity on Saturday. Once he's ready, he'll be baptized again. That'll be a good day.

This has been a cool week to really make some good friends too. What with the Wings leaving soon they've really tried to speed up the process of teaching all the the Balakovian (does that sound funny?) leaders. Since we're the oldest and most experienced missionaries here in Balakova they've been having us do all of their translating. So cool! I love translating a lot and I learn a lot of words in doing it (like object lesson!). We taught all the presidencies this past week, which ate up a lot of time but was really worth it. 

Lesson wise, we did have other stuff that happened. More so now than ever Elder Warkentin and I (caught myself again! I'm so good) have been receiving a ton of contacts from members and investigators. We got a family referral that we'll visit on Friday and another family who we met because he wasn't able to make it to the meeting and a couple of more friends of the guy I want to give the shirt to. There's been a whole lot of work going on here, so I'm really grateful that we're staying busy. 

Speaking of miracles, Sister Kiestler and Sister Crane really had a cool experience this week. Last week they met a woman on the street who invited them to over to her house to meet! They met at her place this week and had a wonderful meeting and set up another time to meet. Well, that very night as the sisters we're knocking they found a woman who was talking on the phone when they knocked. As it turns out, she was talking on the phone to the woman the sisters had met with earlier! She was excited to meet them and asked to be a part of their next lesson. What are the odds, right? That was a fun story to hear from the sisters!

This upcoming week all of the district leaders and zone leaders are meeting up in Samara to have a conference. I'm a little nervous since I have to prepare the concerns and other things for our area to present, but I've heard that there conference/meetings are always awesome and uplifiting, so that'll be cool! I'm thinking this week is gonna be an especially good one.

Anyways, that's about it on the mission front. I have a couple of requests for you, Mom and Dad, whenever you get the chance :) If possible, I'd like to know when the BYU-I summer session starts, just to know. I'm not sure if I'll attend it or not, especially since I don't really know what plans ya'll have for the summer, but if you have any plans/opinions on the matter, that'd be awesome to hear! I'm not sure how actively they read the blog or not, but it'd be cool if you could tell [these three friends] that the've each got a letter on their way to them :) Also, my friend I think may be back from his mission, if you could check his facebook to see if he is or not, that'd be great. In addition, do you know how [another friend] is doing? I hope everything's going well with her.

Ok, so maybe that was more than a couple of requests! No rush on getting any of that done pronto, but whenever you get the chance that'd be great :)

Time for me to head out now, but thanks for everything! It's way good to hear that your foot is doing a lot better! Cool story on the revelation too! I'll be keeping you (and your foot!) in my prayers :)

You all are so great! Thanks for being the best! I love you lots

till next week!
Elder Peterson

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