Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Thursday, November 29, 2012


November 26, 2012 "So, how do Americans express thankfulness on the day of thanks?" "By eating all the food on the face of the land!" *munch munch* Hey there ya'll! :) Oh my gosh, Eric is engaged! You know what's even better? He's getting married when I can go to the wedding!!!! Isn't that wild? Man, I would have bet a good number of rubles that I wouldn't have been able to be at that wedding. Молодци вы! You're the best! This has been a pretty good week out here in Orenburg! The best was most definitely celebrating Thanksgiving (a day late, but I mean, who doesn't want to have a thanksgiving feast as opposed to black friday? I'm all for the feast!) And my golly gosh, the mom where we ate made a TON of food! They had never heard of nor celebrated Thanksgiving, but the idea of having a sweet potluck and giving thanks for it was especially intriguing to the mom, so needless to say it was a scrumptious feast (is that how you spell the word? Hope so!). We brought a a mexican dip (made with some delicious taco seasoning straight from NM- thanks Mom!) and some hand made Elder Peterson tortillas. It was way fun, and way tasty :) I guess I haven't talked much about the senior missionaries yet. They're so dang cool! Do ya'll remember when I served in Saratov in a place falled Dachney? They are from that branch, and we actually knew each other before either one of us got here! If you remember the story with when the branch president got karate-chopped by our crazy investigator, she was actually the one that got the calling that day when the crazy guy got confused. Good times! There serving here in Orenburg for 2 years and are doing a super good job of doing it. Before they came here the branch had about 15 members that came weekly, and now there's an average of more than 40. They've been helping us out especially a ton because ever since we came here our washing machine hasn't worked and so they've done our laundry for us. Also they've shown us the best place to buy delicious sausage and other tasty Russian wares. It's pretty cool having a Russian senior couple! For the past few weeks we've also been working on getting a home insulated before the real winter hits. It's been a pretty crazy project, seeing as how the home doesn't yet have any sort of roof (hopefully that'll change soon) and until last week it wasn't fully insulated on the outside. Yikes! The family had been working of it paycheck to paycheck but didn't have enough to get at least the insulation and roof done before winter, so the branch has been helping out with that and we've been able to help put it up. The main lady doing the work is a sister from the branch, and she's just the best. She's been teaching me some Russian childrens songs, which somehow I'm gonna have to write down or record for the future. Christmas is coming up. Isn't that wild? It really doesn't feel like that long ago when I was with Elder Rounds and we were skyping in Dachney or when me and Elder Lewis were skping in Ulyanovsk. Crazy! Transfers are the week before Christmas, so whether or not I'm here is uncertain, but as with the other times I'd say that Skype is almost 100% gonna work out. If you have any preference on the day or time, give a holler (Orenburg is I think a lot easier to work out time wise, By the way! I can get pictures as you e-mail them, I just can't really send them off from these computers. Good question! Alright, well, time's winding down. You best be bundling up now! Out here it's been getting below 0C during the morning and evening times, so I decided this past week to switch from my fall coat to my winter coat. Good stuff! Ya'll have a great week now! I love you lots :) С любовью -- Elder Peterson

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