Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
-Isaiah 12 2-3

Friday, September 9, 2011

09-07-11 last from MTC

September 7, 2011
Oh gosh flight plans!

Well, I've got my flight plans! And, as it turns out, I found out I get to call you before I ship out half-way across the world! Whould'a thunk it? Anyways, so my itinerary is this:

Flying Delta airlines flight #94 from SLC to JFK in New York, leaving at 8:35 AM and arriving at 3:22 PM. Next, we're leaving from JFK to Moscow (SV) on Delta Airlines flight number 30, leaving at 5:00 PM and arriving at 10:55 AM in Russia (on the next day, the 13th). Then we chill in Moscow for a good 11 hours wherein we were told we might have a guide to take us around Moscow. If not, we'll try our hand at Russian and check out the airport. We leave from Moscow (SV) to Smarak (KUF) on Aeroflot Russian Intl., leaving at 9:55 PM and arriving at 11:35 PM. I find out later today if there's any problem with my visa. Cross your fingers, I know I am!

As a curiosity, can anyone figure out the time change on that flight from New York to Moscow? We think it's only about 9 or 10 hours, but we might be totally off.

As for calling ya'll, Mom, I'll call you on your cell phone from Salt Lake Airport (with a possible subsequent time if travel plans hiccup for any reason, though I don't intend for them too).

If you think it'll be better to call from JFK or if you have any other ideas/plans, go ahead and dearelder them to me! Communication is essentially one way in that fashion, so whatever you say goes there.

Just a couple more things, then I'll go on, I promise! Does anyone remember (and can send me via dearelder) the name of whatever it is that happens when you look at sunlight and sneeze? That'd be awesome if someone could send that off to me! In addition, If I could get pictures of Bretty for my photo album, that'd be pretty sweet too :) Also, if I can be deareldered my pouch mail addresses, that'd be very useful for my final letters to friends telling them where to send their reply.

Mom and Dad, I'll be sending a box with stuff that'll not be coming with me to Russia. I don't know how small or big it is, merely that I'll be sending one. Other than that, I don't think I need anything from you but your love and prayers! :)

Well, it's been a very good week this week. We've all been pretty pumped about going to Russia and we're going to be packing today! It's pretty sweet to think that we're actually going to be doing this. Study has been really good this week and I'm excited! Our teachers are complimenting us on our preparedness and our speaking of the language, which is a nice little confidence boost, so yeah! Pretty dang awesome.

Got in-field orientation all day on Friday. None of us really know what it is and it's gotten mixed reviews, so I hope it ends up being good (it takes away gym time, so I hope it's really good!) Nothing else in particular is planned for the week other than cramming in some words and vocab and praying for the best!

My time's up, hope all is well! Be good!

Much love, as always
Elder Peterson

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